Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Swatches & Review | October 2016

Hello everyone! Today's review is for the new Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette. I bought this during the early launch on Urban Decay's website for $55. It just came in the mail yesterday so I was very excited to get this review up as early as possible! Let's take a look.

Both the packaging and layout are stunning and very organized. I like how they organized the palette into an actual rainbow. Inside are 21 shades.



I was very anxious about the quality of the palette so onto the swatches.

First are the pinks. All of these are stunning and very pigmented. No complaints or issues here.

Next are the oranges. I am in LOVE with this row. These shades are so unique and pigmented and I am definitely going to make some ombre sunset looks. Very pleased with all three of these.

Now the yellows. Honestly the top and bottom shades were letdowns. Midnight Blaze is some kind of light gray shadow with gold sparkle but it is very sheer and just not impressive. It looked much darker in the actual pan. As for Goldmine it looked like an intense metallic shade but is really just a sheer gold sparkle. I don't hate this one entirely because I can layer it to make a shadow look warmer/sparklier, but I do wish it was a metallic opaque shade. I'm not too mad about these because just LOOK at that yellow! I've been hunting down a bright sunshine yellow for ages and they just never show up quite as bright as this one. Very impressed with Calavera!

The greens are fantastic. I was on the search for a forest and grass green and my prayers were answered. I was afraid that Mean would be too similar to the lime color in the UD Electric palette but thankfully they are different enough that I wouldn't call them exact dupes (Mean is darker and less yellow than the shade in the Electric palette). Love this row.

Blues were another hit. I love all the shades but Metamorphosis is a bit sheer and needs built up. Otherwise I loved these. Very unique colors.

Now for the real letdowns of the palette. Purples are always a difficult color for companies to formulate. These are no exception. All three are very sheer and Delirious and Faded were quite chalky/streaky. Built up they look better but these were still disappointing. If you were looking for intense purple shadows these are not it.

The last row contains your monochrome shades. I loved all three but Iced has the same problem as Goldmine. It's just a sheer glitter layer. I'm not upset though because the silver shade in the UD Electric palette is my go-to for an opaque silver and I like layering shadows. Also Bump is INCREDIBLE. It was extremely buttery and pigmented and I was shocked at how beautiful it is. White shadows are another difficult shade to formulate so I was very happy with this.

Here's a look at all the shadows swatched together. It really shows you how much of a rainbow palette this is.

Overall I would highly recommend this palette! There were only 4 duds (all three purples and Midnight Blaze) and even then they aren't completely unworkable. I believe this palette launches at the end of the month online at Sephora and Urban Decay and in stores early November. If you're in need of a rainbow shade selection then this palette is for you! Happy shopping!

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