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ipsy Bag | January 2016 Review

Once again, I am back with another ipsy review! Last month was my first time trying ipsy, and so far I'm impressed! Let's see how this month's bag held up.
Before we get into the review, ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription service that includes five products and is only $10 a month for those in the U.S. (plus shipping if you live in Canada). If you want a more in-depth description of what it is, you can go to my first post about ipsy here.
Here's the bag that all ipsy bags are shipped in once again.

The actual ipsy bag is so cute this month! I really like the ipsy bags with patterns/prints on them.
The bags are themed, so this month the products were all eye-related. This is just a little card they include each month.


Here's a quick look at all the prodcuts I received. Now onto the review!

Product 1: Mr. Write (Now) in Jac B. Bronze from theBalm Cosmetics
$17 value, full size at .01 oz.

This was the one product that everyone got in their ipsy bags (one was a purple and the other was this bronze one). I was so excited to get this product! Not only did I not have a bronze eyeliner, but I didn't have any products from theBalm either so this was a great item to receive. The product glides on easy and wouldn't smudge after I tried to mess with it with my finger. Can't wait to make some eye looks with this!
Final thoughts: This product gets a pass from me! I really like the color I received (you'll see it swatched after this next product) and the formulation. The only thing I find bad about this product is the size. While I've never used an eyeliner up before, the size of this is much smaller than even my sample sizes of some Urban Decay eyeliners.
Product 2: Blinkle Shimmer Eyeshadow in Tangerine Light from J. Cat Beauty
$5 value, full size at .09 oz.


I was so surprised by this! I know this brand was getting some hype but I just didn't think they would have anything special, but I sure was wrong about that! This is a beautiful color! I've been in need of an orange eyeshadow. This is very shimmery and actually was very smudge-proof after application.
Final thoughts: I would definitely buy more of these colors! So much product and very good quality in just one eyeshadow. Plus the price is great too!

Here's swatches of the eyeliner and the eyeshadow. Both are very pigmented! I like the combination of colors. Very appropriate for fall I think (even though it's winter right now).
Product 3: V-Luxe Eyelashes with Mini Lash Glue in Dahlia from V-Luxe by i•ENVY
$6 value, full size

I LOVE lashes but I wear glasses so I can only use these for photos sadly. Besides that I'm very excited for these! They are very soft and definitely give a dramatic look. I got really lucky because apparently only a small number of subscribers got these in their bags (tons of people were complaining that they didn't get these and I only saw a few photos of peoples bags that had lashes).
Final thoughts: Great lashes. Very soft and pretty. They aren't expensive so I'd get more from this brand.
Product 4: Advanced Peptide Eye Complex from tucker Ashley
estimated $15 value, sample size at .34 oz. (full size at .5 oz. for $30)

This is supposed to decrease puffiness and darkness under your eyes as well as moisturize. I think this has worked to an extent. I just think I'll have dark circles under my eyes forever.
Final thoughts: I think if you had minimal puffiness or darkness under your eyes this could help. This moisturized nicely but since it didn't change a whole lot of anything else, I wouldn't repurchase.
Product 5: Smudge Brush from Beau G√Ęchis Paris
$12 value, full size

This was the product that made me sad! This brush is made with goat and pony hair! I'm really not okay with the use of anything animal-related in products I buy. If the hair is humanely harvested and the animals are kept in good conditions, then I'm okay with it. However I couldn't find anything on their site talking about how/where they get their hair for their brushes.
Final thoughts: I will use this since I paid for it but I wouldn't purchase any more brushes from this brand. The brush is quite soft and I like the way the hair compares to synthetic brushes but I wouldn't want to support a brand if they actually hurt animals in the process. I think ipsy could benefit from an opt out portion on their quiz (i.e. I don't want products that contain animal products or certain dyes).
Last month I asked if ipsy was worth it. This month is again another great month for me! The prodcuts will all be used and I was quite excited for most of them. My bag had a value of $55 this month (which oddly was the same as last month's bag). Overall I am very happy with my ipsy subscription thus far!
That's all for today! What's your thoughts on ipsy?

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