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ipsy Bag | February 2016 Review

I'm It's been forever! I just get so busy with school and work and suddenly I've abandoned my poor blog... But I'm back (again)! Ready for another ipsy review?
Here's the bag. So cute! I love the retro video game vibe of it.

This month's them is Pretty in Pink. So i'm guessing pink/retro products?

Quick description: ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription service that includes five products and is only $10 a month for those in the U.S. (plus shipping if you live in Canada or in a state that has one of their warehouses). If you want a more in-depth description of what it is, you can go to my first post about ipsy here.

Here's a quick look at everything I got.

Product 1: BFF: Best Face Forever Exfoliating Daily Face Wash from Perfectly Posh
$5 value, sample size at 1 oz. (full size at 4 oz. for $20)
I've been on the lookout for new skincare products recently and this definitely intrigued me. This smells like peppermint, tingles the face, and overall was a great exfoliator. If you don't like a strong scent or grittier exfoliants then you might not enjoy this as much as I did.

Final thoughts: Would I purchase? I think I wouldn't purchase this exact product (it will probably take me forever to use this up) however the scent and performance were great so I'd be interested in trying more from this brand!

Product 2: Mica Pigment in Sierra Nevada from naked cosmetics
$15 value, full size at .05 oz.

Messy! I opened it and it just left a giant sparkly brown mess on my counter. It's actually very pretty and has good wear time but I could not get over how horrid the packaging is.
Final thoughts: No thanks. The packaging is too much of a hassle. You'll end up losing more product than using it. The formula is okay, but not worth $15.

Product 3: Flat Definer Brush 221 in Rose Gold from Luxie Beauty
$12 value, full size
Yes! So cute! This brush is super precise and soft. Plus the metal is like a rose gold. I love this for eyeliner or smudging a shadow.
Final thoughts: I might check out more from this brand because this brush is nice!

Product 4: Photo Finish Primer Oil from Smashbox
estimated $5 value, sample size at .13 oz. (full size at 1 oz. for $42)

Okay this might seem bizarre, but this smells EXACTLY like Fruity Pebbles cereal. Not just a little bit. It smells like I opened a box of brand new Fruity Pebbles. So strange but I love it! This is a straight up oil so this helped moisturize my dry patches.
Final thoughts: This is too expensive for me. I LOVE the smell but a full-size is so pricey and I know I would never use it up for the two tiny dry spots on my face.

Product 5: Sparkling Lipgloss in Pink Sequin from VINTAGE by Jessica Liebeskind
$21 value, full size at .14 oz.

Honestly this was so bad. The look of this product is actually very pretty over other lipsticks. But this formula is so thick and sticky and even after vigorously trying to rub this off the sparkles would not go away. This is like those giant tubes of Lip Smackers I had years ago.
Final thoughts: This was not good. At. All. $21 for this? No. I hate to be so harsh about things but this was terrible.

Bonus Product 1: Naturals No.020 Strip Lashes from Eylure
$5 value, full size

I accidently clicked to redeem points for this but I'm definitely not mad about it. These are great for a natural look. I want to wear lashes so badly but my glasses are preventing that.
Final thoughts: I like how cheap these are. I would buy more if my glasses weren't like a permanent organ for me.
Bonus Product 2: Make Out Magic Lip Scrub from Perfectly Posh
$14 value, full size at .6 oz.
This is a fantastic product! I was skeptical about if this would actually help exfoliate my dry lips but it does it wonderfully! It smells and tastes very sweet. It also helps moisturize my lips as well.
Final thoughts: This is my favorite product and I redeemed this instead of actually receiving it in my bag. This tin will last a very long time.
So how did ipsy fare this month? This bag was a huge miss for me. The most exciting product I got was redeemed and the rest ranged from alright to horrible. This month's bag was apparently worth around $58 ($77 if you count the two extra items) but I'm not so sure. I still like ipsy though. My last two month's were great so hopefully next month ipsy steps it up!
Until next time!

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